Sustainability Uncorked: Toast to Earth Day with Our Eco-Friendly Selections

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As spring breathes new life into the world around us, April offers a perfect moment to spotlight our commitment to sustainability in the beverage industry. In celebration of Earth Day, we’ve curated a selection of wines and beers that not only tantalize the taste buds but also embody the spirit of environmental stewardship. Our catalog is rich with producers who prioritize natural, organic, and biodynamic practices, but this month, we’re focusing on those who truly set the standard for green initiatives. Join us in raising a glass to the planet with these exceptional picks, each contributing in its own way to a healthier, more sustainable world.

This earth-focused semi-sweet sparkling is made with Muscat grapes from Asti and Veneto, Italy. Honey Bubbles boasts enticing flavors of sweet citrus, honey, and light florals. Honey Bubbles is dedicated to environmental stewardship, as a portion of their sales is contributed towards combating Colony Collapse Disorder among honey bees. Whether savored alongside a meal or enjoyed solo, this wine not only delights the palate but also contributes to the preservation of bees, vital guardians of our ecosystem.

Established in 1792, Château des Annibals is nestled in the tranquil landscapes of Provence, France. Committed to sustainability, the vineyard proudly holds Organic Certification and operates entirely on renewable solar and wind energy. Their rosés are perfect companions for sunny days. La Cuvée entices with floral aromas and candied berry fruits, leading to a palate of dry peach, tropical white fruits, and pineapple. Meanwhile, the Cicada’s Song blend distinguishes itself with a savory complexity and refreshing, wind-kissed snap, thanks to the use of Rolle and the ancient Tibouren grape, setting it apart from other Provence rosés.

  • Rosé La Cuvée des Annibals
  • Cicada’s Song Rosé

Experience pure joy with RAW Frizzante, a wine that promises the ultimate in enjoyment, all while maintaining a stylish edge with its attractive swing-top closure. Delicate notes of white fruit, fresh grapes, spring blossoms, and a subtle hint of tangerine dance on the palate, enhanced by a gentle effervescence. Simply pop the top, chill, and indulge in perfect harmony with tapas, seafood, risotto, or sushi. This wine is Certified Organic and vegan, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence.

Led by Bernard Labatut, Château Puy Galland crafts a sophisticated Bordeaux blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, featuring rich flavors of black cherry and cocoa. Sourced from vines aged over 50 years in Bordeaux’s right bank, these grapes thrive in clay-loamy soils, ideal for Merlot cultivation. Embracing organic practices, Bernard employs canopy management and green harvest techniques to ensure the grapes’ top quality. The restrained use of oak maintains a perfect balance between fruity vibrancy and smooth tannins. Ready for immediate enjoyment!

Château Vieux Georget has embraced organic farming methods since 1984, earning them an Ecocert certification. This dedication results in a wine with an enchanting cherry red hue and a vibrant aroma of red fruits and earthy notes. Its palate offers juicy flavors, silky tannins, and a lingering finish, making it a perfect match for red meats, mushrooms, and aged cheeses.

Domaine de Mourchon Côtes du Rhône offers a refreshing blend of juicy fruits complemented by hints of rosemary and sage, with a nose dominated by red fruits and spicy accents. Its velvety mouthfeel carries soft fruity flavors. The winery’s dedication to organic viticulture ensures meticulous vineyard care and low yields, essential for crafting top-quality wines. Bright and fresh, this is an easy by the glass choice that will leave your patrons feeling like they drank something good and good for the environment!

Flensburger beers are renowned for their premium quality, crafted with over 125 years of brewing experience and meticulously chosen raw materials, including barley malt from Northern German coastlines and water sourced from their glacier spring. The iconic “plop” sound upon opening a bottle is synonymous with the brewery’s uniquely fresh and robust flavor profile, marking it as a hallmark of their independence and dedication to excellence.

  • Flensburger Pilsner
  • Flensburger Dunkel

Tarboro Brewing’s Bobby Boucher Hazy IPA is a flavorful and refreshing brew, named after the iconic character from the movie “The Waterboy.” Bursting with tropical fruit aromas and a smooth, hazy texture, it offers a delightful drinking experience for IPA enthusiasts. A portion of the proceeds is donated to Sound Rivers, who work to keep NC water swimmable, fishable, and drinkable.

Crafting authentic and innovative kombucha beer, Unity Vibration uses organic ingredients with the goal of improving the community, the lives of their consumers, and the planet. With a smattering of mouth-watering flavors, their “hard” kombucha is a deliciously fun alternative that also offers potential health benefits.

  • Bourbon Peach Kombucha Beer
  • Down to Earth Non-Alcoholic Kombucha
  • Tart Raspberry Kombucha Beer
  • Elderwand Kombucha Beer