We work with craft beer and boutique wine brands that fit into our hand-sell, customer-driven account base; people who care about what they buy, and what they drink.

Tim Booras, President

Founding Inspiration

Our President, Tim Booras, is a veteran of the North Carolina wholesale business having co-founded American Premium Beverage. He noticed as the North Carolina wine and beer business evolved that some of his favorite winemakers were getting lost in the books of bigger distribution houses. He saw an opportunity to help these small producers by creating a platform to curate a portfolio of outstanding products and establishing a statewide distribution network that would be able to give them the focus they deserved.

Fast forward to 2007, the company he co-founded was acquired by a larger distributor, and Tim’s vision became a reality. Under his leadership, Freedom Beverage has carved its own niche in the NC distribution landscape as a specialty wholesaler. Today, we have grown that portfolio and distribute over 2,500 different beverage products throughout North Carolina using our fleet of refrigerated trucks and vans.

Our passion is supporting North Carolina’s best culinary talent by bringing the finest craft beer and boutique wine to the market.

Laura Booras, Vice President of Sales

Fresh Perspectives

In 2021, Tim’s daughter Laura officially joined the team at Freedom Beverage after a 20-year wine industry career in California. As Vice President of Sales, Laura brings a wealth of leadership, experience and knowledge to the team – in addition to fresh perspectives on the company’s founding principles. She is thrilled to be representing exceptional wine and beer from around the world in her home state and working alongside her father.

Our Team

Freedom Beverage is a mid-sized, family-owned company with an atmosphere of happiness and excellence, products that are second-to-none, and a team of smart, dedicated people to represent those brands.

Sarah Warner Freedom Beverage

Sarah Warner

General Manager

Sarah Caroline Williams

Brand Manager

Richard Berry Freedom Beverage

Richard Berry

Warehouse Manager

Josh Austin Freedom Beverage

Josh Austin

Territory Manager

Gary Childers Freedom Beverage

Gary Childers

Territory Manager

Deb Williams Freedom Beverage

Deb Williams

Sales Representative

Greg Truell Freedom Beverage

Greg Truell

Sales Representative

Tim Gales Freedom Beverage

Tim Gales

Receiving Chief

Heather Parsons

Sales Representative

Fred Ramsey Freedom Beverage

Fred Ramsey

Driver Manager

Melinda Kate Freedom Beverage

Melinda Kate Callaway

Sales Representative

Scott Langston Freedom Beverage

Scott Langston

Sales Representative

Lane Snipes Freedom Beverage

Lane Snipes

Sales Representative

MP Jones Freedom Beverage

MP Jones

Sales Representative

John Nelson Freedom Beverage

John Nelson

Fulfillment Lead

Eric Colas Freedom Beverage

Eric Colas

Sales Representative

Thomas Shook Freedom Beverage

Thomas Shook

Sales Representative

Megan Snead

Sales Representative

Olivia Jordan

Office Coordinator

Rosemary Schrieber

Sales Representative

Demetrius Nelson Freedom Beverage

Demetrius Nelson

Order Fulfillment Specialist

Glen Crowder Delivery Driver at Freedom Beverage

Glen Crowder

Delivery Driver

Will Gordon Freedom Beverage

Will Gordon

Sales Representative

Ernie Kennedy Freedom Beverage

Ernie Kennedy

Reconciliation Coordinator

Will Venable Delivery Driver at Freedom Beverage

Will Venable

Delivery Driver

Joshua Cronin

Sales Representative

Jermali Walker

Delivery Driver

Brandon Routh Delivery Driver at Freedom Beverage

Brandon Routh

Delivery Driver

Heather Parsons Freedom Beverage

Darrien Frink

Keg Handling Specialist

John Speagle Freedom Beverage

John “Gun Dog” Speagle

Forklift Operator

Trendon Clarida Delivery Driver at Freedom Beverage

Trendon Clarida

Delivery Driver

Josh Cray Delivery Driver at Freedom Beverage

Joshua Cray

Delivery Driver

Adrian Hill Freedom Beverage

Adrian Hill

Loading Coordinator

Jeremy Chance Delivery Driver at Freedom Beverage

Jeremy Chance

Delivery Driver

Rhonda Phillips

Inventory Puller

JP Matlock

Delivery Driver

Sam Dunbar

Inventory Puller

Sam Scales

Delivery Driver

Sam Willis

Delivery Driver

Eduardo Sergent

Delivery Driver