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Honey Bubbles


Emerging from the romantic vineyards of Italy comes Honey Bubbles, a wine producer dedicated to delivering an enchanting effervescence wrapped in the sweet sophistication of honey. Honey Bubbles creates a unique symphony of flavors, carefully crafting their vibrant wines to appeal to both the discerning connoisseur and the casual wine lover.

The intricate crafting process behind Honey Bubbles ensures each bottle delivers an authentic Italian essence. From the hand-picked grapes to the traditional fermentation process, Honey Bubbles wines are imbued with the sun-kissed warmth and inherent romance of Italy’s winemaking traditions.

The star of Honey Bubbles’ portfolio is undoubtedly their Sparkling Moscato. This golden ambrosia, featuring notes of honey, peaches and cream, melds effervescence with the perfect hint of sweetness. The result is a wine that dances on the palate, invigorating taste buds with its alluring aromas and tantalizing taste.

Every glass of Honey Bubbles conveys the Italian art of ‘la dolce vita’, encapsulating love and life’s simple pleasures. In enjoying a bottle, one doesn’t just drink a wine, but savors an Italian experience – from the conviviality of a family gathering to the serene tranquility of an Italian sunset.

For North Carolina buyers seeking to transport their patrons straight to Italy’s charming vineyards, Honey Bubbles’ sparkle is available through its official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.