Diwali Delights: A Festival of Flavor

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Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, falls on November 12, and we’re joining in the celebration by toasting with our fabulous products from India. At Freedom Beverage, we embrace the diverse tapestry of cultures and flavors that make our world so vibrant. This Diwali, we’re delighted to share a selection of exquisite beverages that capture the essence of this colorful holiday. Join us in honoring the spirit of Diwali with our handpicked offerings that promise to illuminate your festivities.

Grover Zampa wines are unique and break the mold – they have the complexities and winemaking style of old world wines with a new world, terroir driven approach. Come along for the ride as we discover what winemakers in India can really do. This stunning lineup is worth a try, pairing beautifully with their native cuisine but also with grilled chicken, rich stews and even the most difficult to pair vegetable dishes.

  • Grover Zampa Vijay Amritraj Reserve Red
  • Grover Zampa Vijay Amritraj Reserve White
Grover Zampa Wines available in North Carolina

As elusive as the abominable snowman, these beers from the Himalayas in India are clean, crisp, refreshing, and totally drinkable. Hints of rose petals from the minerally water mesh well with gentle use of hops, making these drinkable and perfect to pair with spicy dishes like tandoori chicken or those special little dumplings from the region, momos.

  • Yuksom Himalayan Blue Lager
  • Yuksom Himalayan Snowman Lager
  • Yuksom Dansberg 16000 Lager
  • Yuksom HIT Lager Beer

The region of Goa in India is known for its gorgeous beaches, tropical fruits, and laid back lifestyle – and this is reflected perfectly in the style of these fun beers. The addition of unique ingredients like honey and citrus shows quality without being overly serious. Go ahead, pop the top on one of these and pretend you’re spending the holidays on one of those beautiful beaches.

  • MAKA Di Bavarian Style Keller
  • MAKA Di Belgian Style Blanche
  • MAKA Di Belgian Style Tripel Ale
  • MAKA Di Honey Ale
  • MAKA Di Shandy Lager w/ Lemons
Maka di Beer Available in North Carolina