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Yuksom Brewery


From the breathtaking landscapes of Sikkim, India, comes the Yuksom Brewery, India’s oldest operating brewery. Established in 1983, Yuksom Brewery stands as a testament to India’s beer-making heritage and a symbol of the region’s enduring traditions.

Yuksom Brewery’s legacy is built on its commitment to quality and tradition. By using the finest barley, wheat, and hops, the brewery creates beers that blend India’s rich flavour palette with international brewing techniques. Whether it’s the strong malty kick of their Dansk 9000 beer or the subtle notes in their signature Lager, each brew is a memorable experience.

But it’s not just about tradition. Innovation is central to Yuksom Brewery’s ethos. By combining classical brewing methods with modern processes, the brewery continues to offer beers that reflect the uniqueness of the region while meeting global standards.

With every sip, Yuksom Brewery’s beverages echo the vibrancy of India, the serenity of the Eastern Himalayas, and the cultural richness of Sikkim. Each brew is an homage to a land steeped in tradition and a people’s love for quality brews.

In North Carolina, establishments seeking to offer their patrons an authentic Indian beer experience can now access Yuksom Brewery’s unique brews through the Freedom Beverage Company.