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What better way to enjoy the summer sun than by transporting your customers to the Mediterranean Sea with our curated selection of regional wines? Imagine the salty ocean breezes and sun-soaked beaches, perfectly complemented by a crisp glass of wine from the region’s finest vineyards.

From the centuries-old monastery of Barón de Ley in Spain to the picturesque vineyards of Tsiakkas Winery in Cyprus, these wines capture the essence of Mediterranean terroir. Each bottle offers a unique taste of the region’s rich heritage and vibrant flavors, making them ideal for summer enjoyment. Enhance your wine menu with these standout selections and provide your customers with an unforgettable Mediterranean experience.

Barón de Ley

Situated in a centuries-old monastery where monks produced wine over 500 years ago, Barón de Ley was established in 1985 as an innovative venture in the DOC Rioja. The winery is modeled after the French château concept, emphasizing vineyard-focused production. Living up to their name, de ley—meaning “legit” in Spanish—every detail is meticulously attended to, ensuring exceptional and reliable wines. Featuring a selection of ten native red and white grape varieties, these wines are a perfect addition to any collection, offering a taste of Spain to your customers.

  • Barón de Ley Museum Reserva
  • Barón de Ley Reserva Rioja
  • Barón de Ley Rosado de Lágrima
  • Barón de Ley Varietales Garnacha
  • Barón de Ley Varietales Tempranillo

Château Saint-Roch

Nestled in the Agly Valley of Roussillon, Château Saint-Roch offers an exceptional selection of wines that are perfect for summer. With a focus on quality and authenticity, each bottle reflects the unique character of the vineyard. Their zesty old vine white, rich Maury sec, and fruit forward old vine red are ideal for warm weather, providing a delightful and satisfying experience that captures the aromas of the Mediterranean. Château Saint-Roch’s dedication to excellence ensures that every sip brings the essence of French winemaking to your summer menus.

  • Château Saint-Roch Old Vine White
  • Château Saint-Roch Kerbuccio Maury Sec
  • Château Saint-Roch Old Vine Red

Tsiakkas Winery

Hailing from the island of Cyprus, Tsiakkas Winery, with its idyllic vineyards, has been a family-owned gem since 1988. Specializing in native grape varieties, Tsiakkas crafts wines that capture the island’s rich viticultural heritage but with a modern twist. From the distinctive Mouklos red, the citrusy Xynisteri white to the vibrant Vagabond Pét-nat (Yes, you read that right, a Cyprian Pet-Nat!), these unique wines are perfect for warm weather enjoyment. Tsiakkas Winery offers a true taste of Cypriot winemaking, making their wines a standout addition to any wine bar or shop’s warm weather selection.

  • Tsiakkas Winery Mouklos Dry Red
  • Tsiakkas Winery Rodinos Rosé
  • Tsiakkas Winery Vagabond Pét-nat
  • Tsiakkas Winery Xynisteri Paradosis
  • Tsiakkas Winery Xynisteri White

Burgans Anxo Martin White

A special offering from the famed Burgans winery, Anxo Martín is a white wine that offers a captivating complexity. On the nose, it reveals enticing aromas of apple and plum, interwoven with notes of white flowers and magnolia, and subtle herbal hints of fennel and rosemary. On the palate, it delivers a smooth and delightful volume, balanced by refreshing acidity and a distinctive mineral finish characteristic of the Treixadura variety. This wine is perfect for those seeking a nuanced and refreshing white wine for their summer collection. There are two pallets in the United States – and one of them is in our warehouse. Grab some of this unique and exceptional wine before it’s gone!

Granite Project Beaujolais Village

Beaujolais is our favorite summer red wine – it’s food friendly and full of bright fruit flavors. Granite Project Beaujolais Village, and project from Eric Solomon and JD Headrick, boasts vibrant aromas of wild blackberry and raspberry, intertwined with delicate floral notes. Light-bodied and crisp on the palate, it showcases lively acidity and light tannins. The wine’s minerality, derived from the granite soils of Beaujolais, adds a distinctively refreshing quality. Perfect for wine bars and shops seeking an ideal red for warmer months, Granite Project Beaujolais Village is best enjoyed with a slight chill to highlight its vibrant and invigorating character. Don’t miss this remarkable new addition to our portfolio.

La Miraja Grignolino d'Asti DOC

Grignolino carries a rich history dating to the 13th century, favored by Savoy aristocracy for its light color and elegant mouthfeel. Known for its unique grape seeds and delicate skins, Grignolino requires careful handling to achieve its vibrant aromatics and bright acidity. La Miraja Grignolino d’Asti DOC features floral notes of rose hip, violet, and geranium, alongside bing cherry and fresh mushroom flavors, with a stony minerality adding texture. Best enjoyed chilled, it pairs perfectly with poached salmon, herb risotto, and vitello tonnato. This is one of the most remarkably different wines we carry.

Olivier Riviere Vinos Rayos UVA

Olivier Riviere’s Vinos Rayos UVA 2021 is a youthful, unoaked red that exemplifies the fruit-forward style of Rioja Baja. Crafted from a blend of 40% Garnacha, 40% Tempranillo, and 20% Graciano, it marks a departure from traditional Rioja wines with its 13.5% alcohol content and refreshing balance. Fermented, destemmed and aged in a stainless steel tank until bottling, this wine offers vibrant aromas of berries and herbs. Its light, fresh palate ensures an approachable and enjoyable drinking experience, highlighting its juicy fruit character. A Rioja that won’t turn your teeth purple? This will delight an adventurous palate.

Tenuta il Nespolo 'Vino da Sete' Vino Rosso

Tenuta il Nespolo’s ‘Vino da Sete’ Vino Rosso is the quintessential summer red, sourced from calcareous-clay vineyards that glow chalky-white under the summer sun. A unique feature is the inclusion of 40-year-old Sangiovese vines, rare in Piedmont, co-fermented with Barbera and Freisa naturally in stainless-steel tanks without manipulation. This bright, crunchy red exudes aromas of strawberry, currant, and a hint of fresh leather, delivering a zesty palate experience. Ideal for chilling and easy drinking, this wine is great for barbecue gatherings, or casual pizza nights – and bonus! It comes in a one liter bottle. Fun fact: ‘Vino de Sete’ translates to ‘wine of thirst.’

Luigi Giordano

Established near Barbaresco’s village center in the 1930s by Giovanni Giordano, Luigi Giordano Winery has evolved into a family-driven legacy. Luigi, with his daughter Laura and grandson Matteo, crafts timeless wines from prestigious Barbaresco crus like Asili and Montestefano. Their single-vineyard Cavanna Barbaresco showcases their elegant, hands-off winemaking style. Luigi Giordano wines are perfect for summer enjoyment, striking a delightful balance of fruit-forward richness and vibrant acidity. Don’t miss the limited edition magnums for those long summer nights.

  • Luigi Giordano Barbaresco Asili
  • Luigi Giordano Barbaresco Cavanna
  • Luigi Giordano Barbaresco Montestefano


Located on Corsica’s eastern coast, Pinia winery is intimately connected to the majestic Pinia forest, the last large maritime pine forest on the island. Spanning 988 acres along the shores of the Urbinu pond and a 2.2-mile turquoise beach, this forest is a sanctuary of biodiversity and tranquility. Embraced by Corsicans for its conservation significance under the littoral conservatory, Pinia embodies the island’s natural beauty. Walking through its pine-scented paths amidst the island’s typical maquis vegetation offers a sensory journey of waves, cicadas’ calls, and the warm amber aroma of sun-kissed pines—an enchanting experience captured in every bottle of Pinia wine.

  • Pinia IGP Ile de Beaute Biancu Gentile White
  • Pinia IGP Ile de Beaute Rose
  • Pinia IGP lle de Beaute Orange
  • Pinia IGP lle de Beaute Rouge

Baracchi Winery

With a heritage dating back to 1860, Baracchi Winery located under the sunny Tuscan sky in Cortona embodies a deep-rooted love for the land, producing standout wines like O’Lillo Toscano Rosso and O’Lilla Toscano Bianco. The Rosso entices with cherry and blackcurrant notes, balanced by hints of black pepper and tobacco providing an easy-drinking experience with a lingering fruity finish. In contrast, the Bianco charms with its fresh, complex profile of green apple, citrus, and pineapple, enhanced by floral and herbaceous nuances, culminating in a savory elegance. These wines are an authentic expression of Cortona’s terroir and the Baracchi family’s unwavering commitment to quality winemaking.

  • Baracchi O’Lillo! Toscano Rosso IGT
  • Baracchi O’Lilla! Toscano Bianco IGT

Artemis Karamolegos

Artemis Karamolegos Winery in Santorini, Greece, continues a century-old family tradition rooted in Santorini, where Artemis’s grandfather pioneered winemaking in 1952. Artemis himself, driven by a deep love for Santorini’s land and heritage, established his winery in Exo Gonia in 2003. His commitment to sustainable viticulture and quality grapes is evident in both privately owned vineyards and longstanding partnerships with local growers, ensuring each vintage upholds the winery’s high standards. Among their notable whites are Aidani, featuring jasmine, ripe stone fruit, and citrus notes with vibrant acidity and an elegant finish and their Santorini Assyrtiko offers a fruity aroma with stone fruit and floral hints, balanced by intense minerality and fresh acidity, culminating in a persistent finish. Enjoyed on their own or with fresh seafood.

  • Artemis Karamolegos Aidani Santorini
  • Artemis Karamolegos Santorini PDO