Elevate Your Beverage Menu with Alcohol-Free Cocktails for Dry July

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As Dry July gains traction globally, it presents a unique opportunity to cater to a growing segment of consumers seeking sophisticated, non-alcoholic options. Dry July, which started in Australia, challenges participants to abstain from alcohol for a month to raise funds for cancer support organizations. This month-long event has evolved into an influential movement, raising over $90 million since its inception​.

At Freedom Beverage Company, we are excited to highlight RSRV Collective’s premium alcohol-free cocktails, perfect for those observing Dry July. These ready-to-drink beverages offer a luxurious alternative that aligns seamlessly with a refined palate, ensuring your customers can enjoy a sophisticated drink without the alcohol and sugar.

RSRV Amari

Inspired by an Italian aperitif, Amari is a blend of herbs, spices, plants, and dark citrus with a slightly bitter finish. It’s an exquisite option for those looking for complexity in their non-alcoholic beverage. Serve it chilled with a fresh raspberry garnish to enhance the experience.

RSRV Rosata

Rosata combines bright cherry notes with a touch of ginger. The balance of sweet and sour cherry flavors with a ginger nip on the finish makes it a perfect complement to a variety of dishes. Serve it chilled with a maraschino cherry garnish for an elevated presentation.

RSRV Botanica

Botanica offers a fresh, green floral bouquet with zesty citrus and a juniper finish, reminiscent of a handcrafted gin and tonic. It’s an ideal choice for a hot summer day or a sophisticated dinner setting. Serve chilled with a lime wedge garnish.

RSRV Orana

Orana captures the essence of both an old-fashioned and a mimosa with charred citrus, wormwood, and a hint of smoke. Its balanced bitter and sweet profile makes it a standout non-alcoholic option. Enhance the experience by serving it chilled with a maraschino cherry and orange wedge garnish.

RSRV Collective’s non-alcoholic cocktails have been recognized as the “Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages of 2023” by BevNET, ensuring that your patrons are getting top-quality options that don’t compromise on flavor or sophistication​​. By offering these premium beverages, you can meet the needs of your customers participating in Dry July and those who prefer non-alcoholic options year-round, all while maintaining the elegance and refinement that your establishment is known for.