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This month at Freedom Beverage, we’re highlighting wineries and breweries from the birthplace of the Renaissance…everyone’s favorite boot shaped country – Italy. While Italy is renowned for its food and wine culture, we are happy to represent several of the best Italian beers in North Carolina.

The Italian wine producer we’re featuring throughout North Carolina is Luigi Giordano, a fourth-generation winery whose vineyards are planted in some of Barbaresco’s most prestigious crus, such as Montestefano, Cavanna, Ronchi and Asili.

Nearly a century ago in the 1930’s, founder Giovanni Giordano began growing grapes in Barbaresco. His son Luigi advanced the family business in 1960 by beginning to produce their own wine from the prized fruit. Today the estate is run by Luigi’s daughters Silvia and Laura, with Laura’s son Matteo beginning to learn the ropes in order to continue his family legacy.

Langhe Rosso DOC

The Langhe is an often overlooked part of Piedmont in Northern Italy, and it shouldn’t be, because the wines from this region are exceptional. Since it’s not as glamorous as Barolo or Barbaresco, there are values to be found, and this is one of them. Concrete tank fermentation takes the luscious nebbiolo grape and tames it just a bit, resulting in a wine that is lively, fresh, and bright. A perfect summer red, serve this with a light chill.

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC

Sometimes you want a bottle of wine that you don’t have to think too hard about, but that still intrigues and delights. This dolcetto is just that, and maybe even more. Bursting with fruit and just a touch of tannin, this wine pairs well with a range of foods from game birds to grilled chicken to skirt steak, and won’t weigh down your palate.

Barbera d’Alba “Buschet” DOC

This wine, made with 100% Barbera from the well known Buschet Vineyard in Barbaresco is a step up in every way. Aged for about four months in Slovenian oak, then allowed to settle in the bottle, this wine is complex without being overbearing, and is a fine example of what talented winemaking is all about. Dark fruits like plum and ripe blackberry define this barbera, and it finishes dry and elegant.

Barbaresco Cavanna DOCG

This is the jewel in the crown of Luigi Giordano, and rightly so. Cavanna is special because the vines are over 40 years old, and the location is stunningly perfect for growing nebbiolo. Spectacular wineries such as Gaja cull fruit from this hillside, and the superb terroir shines through in the bottle. Layers of berries, spices, minerals and herbs combine on the palate to form a truly outstanding bottle of wine that is age-worthy but also approachable now.