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This month we’ve been focusing on the incredible Italian beverage producers in our portfolio including Italian wines from Luigi Giordano and even all natural Italian sodas that are becoming increasingly popular as an alcohol free option or as cocktail mixers. Our first featured Italian brewery is from that same producer, Birreria Le Baladin in Piemonte, Italy.

These are beers with a lot of nuance and character, something to behold and brag about.

Jeff York, Freedom Beverage Craft Beer Manager

Birreria Le Baladin

For Italian craft beer pioneer Matterino “Teo” Musso, “Beer is Earth,” communicating the direct expression of the earth and farming. Similar to the concept of terroir for wine, his brewery Baladin has been directly involved in the production of the majority of the ingredients used in its beers, earning the name “farmer brewery.” These beers are on the forefront of Italy’s craft beer scene, and rightly so, as they continue to grow, invest in quality ingredients, and create exciting new flavor combinations.

Isaac White Ale

Named after his son, this hybrid style ale is one of four original beers by the brewery, and combines characteristics of a blonde ale and a white ale to form something gentle and approachable. This easy drinking brew won’t assault the palate and is a natural pairing with a range of foods.

Nazionale White Ale

This beer is a great representation of the regional flair of Italian craft brewing. Using 100% Italian grown ingredients, mostly from the local region, this beer features coriander and orange peel which add brightness to the palate, and pairs well with antipasti, pizza, and salad.

Wayan Saison

This beer is inspired by the femininity but also the edgy personality of Teo’s daughter, creating a romantic and lush brew with a deep golden color. Warm and hazy, this unfiltered beer exhibits notes of pepper and finishes dry.

Super Baladin Floreale Tripel

Initially, Baladin followed some Belgian leanings due to the winemaker having trained in Belgium. This Tripel beer is heavier, fruitier, and very dark, but balanced and complex. A long finish and interesting flavors make it one to ponder over.

Almond 22

No almonds are harmed in the making of these unique Italian craft beers – in fact, the name comes from their brewery, which is in a converted processing building on a former almond grove.

Almond 22 Farrotta

This beer is a strange one, super dry and almost astringent due to the spelt and ancient grains used in brewing. Hearkening back to the styles of Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, it’s dry, clean, and a little spicy.

Almond 22 Remartello

This rustic version of the beer above is dry hopped, and has a slightly citrusy flavor that rounds out the palate and adds a touch of herbal brightness.

Birrificio Italiano

One of the earliest pioneers on the Italian craft beer scene, this brewery in Lombardy, Italy, has been making unfiltered, unpasteurized, additive-free beers since 1996. Touting the idea of being an Alchemic Workshop, the brewers here perfect and continually adjust their limited production creations with the utmost care.

Italiano Tripopils

The name of this beer plays on the words “pilsner” and the Italian word for “type,” which is “tipo.” Light and fresh, this beer doesn’t get too serious and is enjoyable with a range of foods, or just on its own.

Birrificio Del Ducato

Yes, this brewery is Italian, but its brewers take inspiration from all over the world, resulting in a free-form and experimental style of beer. It’s one of the most creative and inventive breweries in our Freedom Beverage book, as they’re always pushing the envelope and creating new flavor mixes that are unexpected.

Viaemilia Italian Pilsner

This could be considered the signature brew of Ducato, and while it may seem simple, it’s anything but. Delicate and aromatic, this beer is floral, hoppy and herby, finishing with a touch of bitterness and acacia honey.

Torrente Birra Fragrante

A combination of hops used in this brew leave a strong citrus forward profile. The beer, meant to suit an American palate, is also made to serve with Italian cuisine such as antipasti platters and calamari fritti.

Vieille Ville Aged With Brettanomyces

This happy little beer is complex and fine, and the addition of brettanomyces yeast during secondary fermentation make it exceptionally foamy and slightly sour. Subtle acidity and a little funk make the flavors in this beer explode.