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In 2010 Italian craft beer pioneer Matterino “Teo” Musso introduced this line of natural, alcohol free beverages to rediscover the taste of old-style soft drinks with no preservatives. Initially just three flavors, Teo has brought several new all natural Italian sodas to market over the past decade, all of which are available in North Carolina.

These fun little gems are unique to the Freedom Beverage portfolio because they’re not too sweet and use interesting and unique flavor combinations to create something that is excellent as a cocktail mixer or just by itself as a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage.

Agrumata Soda with Mixed Italian Citrus

This Italian soda was Teo’s inspiration when he created the Italian soda line up. This peppy little blend boasts natural citrus flavors that are strong enough to stand up to a blend of alcohols, but refresh the palate as well. Behind the unique hazy color is a delicate and flavorful combination of bergamot, orange, tangerine and lemon.

Spuma Nera Soda

This unexpected mix of citrus, rhubarb, vanilla, and orange zest is a clear direction to any mixologist’s quest for something different. Slight green flavors from the rhubarb lead to a complex finish. Wonderful over ice as an aperitif or as a cocktail with dark rum and orange.

Cedrata Soda with Diamante Citrons

A burst of flavors jump out of the glass with this soda, which is comprised of a unique blend of Mediterranean lemons with no artificial coloring or preservatives. Thanks to its acidic taste rounded out by a touch of brown sugar this soda is a great base for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. It melds perfectly with passion fruit or lime juices and makes a unique gin cocktail.

Cola with Kenema Cola Nuts

Since it’s produced with kola nuts bought from the Kola Slow Food Presidium in Sierra Leone, part of the revenues from the sales of this beverage are donated to support this project. A rather unusual color (red!), due to the choice to avoid artificial colorings, sets this natural cola apart from others.

Ginger Baladin Soda

Lemon and orange peels, vanilla beans, and herbs, result in a fresh, light soda blend that is perfect for a hot summer’s day. Ginger Baladin is made for creative aperitifs. While it can be enjoyed on its own, the citrus notes from natural zest is perfect for cocktails (or mocktails) made with orange juice. Delicious over ice, rimmed with brown sugar and garnished with a slice of orange.

Mela Zen Soda

The most recent release in the line up, apples are on the forefront of this classy little soda, and ginger on the back adds a little zest and spice. Another great Italian soda to add to your non-alcoholic beverage menu options, be it served straight from the bottle or as an alcohol-free cocktail.