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Eel River Brewing. Surely you’ve heard the name, as they’ve been an innovator in the craft beer scene since before craft beer was cool. Not only were they the first USDA certified organic brewery in the United States, but they manage to keep their integrity as a small, family run business in Humboldt County, California.

Founded by a US Military veteran who developed a passion for brewing beer while he was stationed in Germany, Eel River Brewing has won hundreds of awards, ribbons, medals, and honors from the California State Brewing Competition, Los Angeles County Fair, World Beer Championship, Great American Beer Festival, the Australian International Beer Festival and the European Beer Star.

The most impressive part about their brand is that they truly are using real, natural, high quality ingredients. You won’t find additives, flavorings, or adjuncts in these brews, and the taste reflects that difference.

Natural ingredients are easy for a consumer to overlook, but this brewery has a lot to offer. They don’t do flashy can art or trendy beer styles but they are as legitimate as it gets.

Jeff York, Freedom Beverage Craft Beer Manager

Organic Amber Ale

In June 2000, in order to release this first organic beer, the hops had to come from New Zealand because that was the only place to get organic hops. A solid, medium bodied ale that’s malty and smooth, with notes of caramel and a little citrus on the finish.

Organic Blonde Ale

Light and crisp but with lots of character, this beer is elegant and delicate with a touch of spice from Pacific Northwest organic hops.

Organic Ipa

Traditionally brewed, this reddish colored beer is a great balance of hops and light malt, and a hint of floral aroma makes it even more interesting.

Suspicious Cargo Pina Colada Ipa

Complex and fascinating, this beer is double dry-hopped and brewed with pineapple purée and toasted coconut for a beachy, vacation-y vibe.

Vanilla Citrus Stout

Rich and creamy, this little beauty is made from Single Origin Belize cacao from Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, and the addition of orange zest and bourbon vanilla beans brightens the palate.