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We’re pleased to feature Uinta (pronounced YEW-IN-TUH) Brewing from Utah this month at Freedom Beverage Company.

Uinta Beer North Carolina Distributor
It’s likely that you recognize this brand, as it’s been prominent in the marketplace for years now. Outdoorsy labels featuring picnics, skiers, paddle boarding, and even a retro trailer reference the fact that these are a perfect brew to stow in your cooler or backpack. Sipping a few of these in the great outdoors simply enhances whatever you’re up to.

The personality of Uinta beers fits well with the people of North Carolina - it’s a unique state in that it has mountains, beaches, big cities, and small towns. It has something for everyone, just like Uinta Brewing.

Jeff York, Freedom Beverage Craft Beer Manager

While Uinta Brewing does make an excellent chain product because of its clean look, price point, and top quality, if you dig deeper into the portfolio, you’ll find some of the higher tier, lower production beers, such as the Crooked Line series.

The best selling Lime Pilsner tastes exactly how it sounds: light and refreshingly delightful, it exhibits just the right amount of lime without overwhelming the natural crisp malty sweetness of the beer itself.

The Hop Nosh, which is the brand’s flagship IPA has been popular for many years. Uinta has since taken that success and built on it, introducing the Grapefruit and Hazy versions. In a way, the brewery has taken the successful base recipe for the beers and finished each one differently for a unique final product. It’s a clever way to maximize the brewing potential.

For real-time availability and ordering Uinta beer in North Carolina, please ask your local Freedom representative or contact us.

Uinta Beer Available In 12oz Cans

Uinta Yard Sale Winter Lager

‘Tis the season for this golden, caramel colored brew! Earthy with a touch of honey, this beer is like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day.

Uinta Beer Available In 5 Gallon Kegs

Uinta Hazy Nosh IPA

This flagship IPA bursts forward with big, juicy hop aromas of orange and pineapple, finished with a low bitterness and soft mouthfeel.

Uinta Was Angeles Lager

Beer that tastes like beer shouldn’t be a novelty. This particular lager was created by the brewery as a tribute to the outdoor lifestyle that inspires the brand itself. It is, simply, uncomplicated and easy to enjoy.

Uinta 801 Small Batch Pilsner

Until recently, you could only find this beer in Utah, but we’re lucky enough to bring it into the great state of North Carolina! This low production pils boasts bright citrus and a pronounced floral note, balanced by obvious hops on the palate.

Uinta Test Phaze NE IPA

This New England style India Pale Ale is a hazy beer that highlights hoppy bitterness to the fullest. Tropical notes and creamy vanilla round out the flavor so that it’s balanced and enjoyable with most meals.

Uinta Beer Available In 12oz Cans And 5 Or 15 Gallon Kegs

Uinta Lime Pilsner

You can enjoy this crisp, light bodied small batch beer any time of year! Balanced and refreshing, grab some of this post-hike. Or anytime you need a little splash of summertime.

Uinta Beer Available In 12oz Cans Or 5 Gallon Kegs

Uinta Hop Nosh IPA

Unita Brewing’s flagship IPA boasts vibrant hop aromatics and an assertive bitterness. Expect notes of pine, lime zest, and grapefruit supported by caramel malts.

Uinta Baba Black Lager

Those who love porters might enjoy exploring this black lager with its deep rich flavors of coffee and smoke. It’s drinkable yet has its own nuanced complexities.

Uinta Mango Golden Spike Hefeweizen

What do you get when you combine an unfiltered wheat ale with fresh mango? A medium bodied, satisfying combination of fruitiness and a hearty finish.

Uinta Clear Daze IPA

Clear and clean, bursting with aromas of fresh hops and tropical fruits, rounded out with a lingering, smooth finish.

Uinta Caravan DIPA

When hops are added later in the process to a double IPA, they really shine in this laid back, piney beer.

Uinta Detour DIPA

For double IPA fans, this boldly hoppy beer with complementary flavors of pine, orange peel, and a malty finish is worth the detour.

Uinta Grapefruit Nosh IPA

IPAs and grapefruit are a naturally symbiotic combination, and this beer will make your mouth water with its delicious tang. Juicy grapefruit aromatics complement the bold hops character of the Nosh family of beers.

Uinta Beer Available In 12oz Bottles And 5 Gallon Kegs

Uinta Season Pass Vanilla Porter

Chilly weather calls for a beer that warms you right up. Vanilla beans and chocolate malt provide the framework for a full-flavored ale. This seasonal porter is full of vanilla, chocolate, and coconut character.

Uinta Golden Spike Hefeweizen

This unfiltered wheat ale has a pleasing citrus nose with a yeasty, bready malt character on the finish. Red wheat gives it a fuller mouthfeel and heavier body.

Uinta Crooked Line Series: Peppermint Patty Stout

This beer will get you into the holiday spirit with flavors of chocolate, vanilla & peppermint! It coats the mouth just like a dessert and is perfect when sitting by a crackling fire.

Uinta Driftwood Coconut Lager

Tropical flavors of this American lager mesh perfectly with the addition of real coconut, leaving you with a crisp beer perfect for pretending you’re at the beach. Wakatu dried hopping lends an herbal vibe, and the finish is all tart lime zest.