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Good Measure Chardonnay
Good Measure Cabernet Sauvignon

These two Washington wines, created by two carpenters (hence the names) are typical of these varieties from the region. The Chardonnay, made in stainless steel, is bright and fresh, perfect for appetizers around the fire, and the Cabernet (actually a blend of Merlot, Cabernet, and Syrah) is balanced and will warm you right up on chilly days. Washington is an unsung hero of wine regions for me, as I’m often disappointed by their austere and nondescript wines. These two are exceptions for their level of complexity and general good palates.

Our November featured wine list is probably the most exciting one to date. These wines will carry us from the start of fall right into Thanksgiving and the cooler weather beyond. Interesting regions, well made products, and great tasting wines are the themes surrounding this bunch.

Laura Booras, VP Sales

Square Plumb and Level Pinot Noir
Square Plumb and Level Red Blend

These wines make awesome daily drinkers when you’re craving something juicy and luscious. Both show red fruit flavors like cherry and raspberry but also a little signature spice on the finishes. The minds behind these wines carefully source exceptional fruit from vineyards in regions that interest them, with a focus on Oregon and California. I find them approachable and have yet to meet someone who didn’t enjoy them with grilled burgers, roasted chicken, or shredded beef tacos. They’re just easy to like: balanced, delicious, and priced well.

Daniele Conterno Barolo
Daniele Conterno Barbera D’Alba
Daniele Conterno Langhe Nebbiolo

Now, a superstar producer. Daniele Conterno, who follows his great-great grandfather into winemaking, is making some of the most exciting and drinkable Piedmontese wines. You might question a 2016 Barolo, but you’ll be surprised – though it could be aged, it is perfectly ready to drink right now, and every single sip is a true pleasure. The theme for his line is modern winemaking that breaks a bit of the Barolo tradition, and the result is pure, clean fruit with high acidity that makes you crave buttered pasta with mushrooms or a grilled veal chop.

The Langhe Nebbiolo is a favorite of mine, and you would be hard pressed to find a better quality wine at this price point from the region.

Poggio del Moro Chianti
Poggio del Moro Pet Nat Rosato Frizzante

From a different part of Italy, Poggio Del Moro has released a new Chianti this month, which is rich and elegant, without harsh tannins. Déléstage, the process of lightly sprinkling fermenting wines over the seeds and skins, allowing for subtle tannins, is the key here, and this Chianti actually never sees any oak, which means it’s perfect and ready to drink over the holidays. Turkey and cranberry sauce is a perfect pairing recommendation for this Chianti.

Poggio del Moro also has their Pet Nat Rosé available on promotion with Freedom Beverage this month – it’s funky and fruity, dry and fizzy. If someone wants something unique and new for the holidays, this is it.