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Vina Mein


Spanning within the enchanting region of Galicia, Spain, the vineyard terrains of Vina Mein gently unfold. Located in the Ribeiro appellation, Vina Mein exhibits a rich understanding of varietal blending, forming wines that stir the heart and tantalize the palate.

Vina Mein’s philosophy is steeped in tradition, paying homage to Galicia’s viticultural heritage. With a spectrum of indigenous varieties, each bottle beautifully echoes the intrinsic qualities of the Ribeiro terroir. From the aromatic complexities of their Treixadura-dominated blends to the ambrosial concert of their Albariño and Loureiro, these wines express the vibrancy of region’s distinctive varietals.

Respecting the environment is at the core of Vina Mein’s practices. They devote themselves to sustainable viticulture which translates into wines of exquisite purity. The blend of modern practices with traditional cultivation techniques ensures wines that are not only a tribute to the land but also narrate the tales of Galician winegrowing.

Every sip of Vina Mein’s wines unearths the lush landscapes, the whisper of the Minho river, the breeze that grazes the vine leaves and the care that transpires through each growth cycle. It is an intimate encounter with Galician terroir and tradition.

Considering the rich heritage and craftsmanship behind each bottle, Vina Mein enjoys recognition as a significant presence in North Carolina’s portfolio of Iberian wines. Through their established distribution with Freedom Beverage Company, Vina Mein stands ready to treat the palates of North Carolina to the magnificent depths of Galicia’s viticulture.