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Vina Casablanca


From the fertile valleys of Chile’s Aconcagua region emerges Vina Casablanca, a testament to the vibrant, warm climate of its Casablanca Valley origin. At the forefront of Chile’s modern winemaking renaissance, Vina Casablanca artfully blends tradition, innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Vina Casablanca’s wines are characterized by their nuanced complexity and exceptional varietal expression. Each bottle is a journey through Chile’s viticultural tapestry, the life manifested in each vine and the dynamic interplay of soil and climate unique to the Casablanca Valley.

Whether it’s the fresh, aromatic intensity of their Sauvignon Blanc or the rich, velvety elegance of their Carmenere, Vina Casablanca offers wines of exceptional character. Their terroir-driven approach ensures that each vintage reveals an intimate story of their vineyards’ distinctive geographies and climates.

But Vina Casablanca is more than just a winery; it’s a reflection of the Chilean spirit, its cultural vibrancy, and the passion of its people. Each glass resonates with the rhythm of Chilean landscapes and encapsulates the joy of sharing stories around a shared table.

For North Carolina establishments seeking to broaden their list of distinguished international wines, Vina Casablanca’s expressions of Chilean passion and terroir are made available through Freedom Beverage Company.