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Central Valley,

Emerging from the heart of Chile’s Central Valley, Undurraga emanates an intense representation of the nation’s rich viticultural heritage. This wine producer, with vines deeply entrenched in Chilean soils since 1885, crafts wines that are an authentic expression of the region’s diverse microclimates and terroir.

Undurraga holds steadfast to sustainable viticulture practices. Each vineyard is meticulously cared for, revealing character and complexity in every grape varietal grown, from the structured and spicy Carmenère to the refreshing and fruity Sauvignon Blanc. There is a deep resonance of place and tradition in every bottle.

Harmony between new-age practices and traditional winemaking methods is evident at Undurraga. This winery innovatively unites the power of modern technologies with the charm of time-honored winemaking techniques.

With each sip of Undurraga wine, one can taste the richness of the Chilean soil, the sun’s warmth on the vine-leaves and feel the passionate commitment to excellence from the Undurraga family. Each bottle is a tribute to Chile’s wine heritage and the essence of its beautiful valleys.

For North Carolina wine buyers seeking to journey through the Chilean viticultural landscape, Undurraga’s diverse array of wines is carefully curated and made available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.