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Thymiopoulos Vineyards


Emerging from the scenic landscapes of Naoussa, Greece, Thymiopoulos Vineyards is a wine producer deeply rooted in tradition and terroir. Anchored by generations of viticultural knowledge and devotion, Thymiopoulos embodies the distinct character of the Greek wine scene.

The vineyards of Thymiopoulos come alive with the indigenous Xinomavro grape variety, lovingly nurtured to bring forth wines that epitomize the hearty spirit of Naoussa. Be it the elegant complexity of ‘Earth and Sky’, or the inviting freshness of ‘Young Vines’, each wine mirrors the expressive characteristics of their exceptional terroir.

At the heart of Thymiopoulos Vineyards is respect for nature and a firm commitment to sustainable farming methods. Combining traditional wisdom with modern viticulture, they craft wines that are not only engagingly flavorful, but also tell compelling stories about the land from which they come.

Thymiopoulos wines are whispers from the ancient past of Greece, carrying tales of the terra firma and the radiant Mediterranean sun. Each bottle promises a sensory journey through the mysteries of Naoussa, an experience that is deeply Greek in essence.

To acquaint North Carolina with the viticultural treasures of Greece, Freedom Beverage Company brings Thymiopoulos Vineyards’ enchanting portfolio to discerning industry buyers throughout the state.