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Switchback Ridge


From the stunning elevations of Napa Valley, emerges Switchback Ridge, a renowned wine producer that masterfully encapsulates the vitality and brilliance of Californian vineyards. Owned by the Peterson Family, Switchback Ridge has crafted an incredible narrative of viticulture and winemaking, rooted in the unique terroir of its estate vineyard.

Switchback Ridge operates in profound harmony with the land, employing sustainable practices that nurture the vines, enhance fruit quality and ensure the preservation of the vineyards for future generations. The resulting wines, whether it’s the opulent Cabernet Sauvignon, the rich Merlot, or the expressive Petite Sirah, radiate a personality deeply tethered to the soils from which they spring.

Winemaker Bob Foley’s artisanal approach yields creations that are as remarkable as they are varying, highlighting the expansive palette of flavors Napa Valley has to offer. His deft touch brilliantly balances power and elegance, density and vibrancy, crafting wines that are a true testament to Californian excellence.

Switchback Ridge wines tell the story of Napa, the passion of the Peterson Family, and the shared joy of bringing forth beautiful wines from a beautiful place. Each bottle is a tangible expression of the region’s rich viticultural history and its promising future.

In North Carolina, through their seal partnerships with the Freedom Beverage Company, the distinct, terroir-driven wines of Switchback Ridge are now accessible to wholesalers looking to offer a genuine taste of Napa Valley.