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Straight Shooter


From the diverse, cool-climate vineyards of Oregon’s Willamette Valley comes Straight Shooter, a producer passionately dedicated to the art of winemaking. This American label is the embodiment of the spirit of the Wild West, interconnected with the sophisticated elegance of wine craft.

Straight Shooter’s wines beautifully encapsulate the essence of the Willamette Valley terroir. Each bottle, whether it’s the ethereal Pinot Noir or the vibrant, mineral-infused Pinot Gris, mirrors the region’s unique climatic profile and comprises a rich palette of aromas and flavors.

Putting the land and its bounty at the forefront, Straight Shooter captures the nuances of the valley whilst mingling it with their innovative approach and admirable winemaking finesse. This union of respect for nature’s bounty, coupled with the gutsy spirit of the Wild West, curates an unforgettable wine experience.

Straight Shooter’s wines are more than just beverages; They are a celebration of Oregon’s vibrant viticulture, an homage to its diverse landscapes, and a tribute to the pioneering spirit that defines this corner of America. Each bottle chronicles the region’s unique viticultural story and the audacity of those who dare to venture into its territory.

For industry partners in North Carolina, Straight Shooter’s enthralling portfolio is made available through Freedom Beverage Company, offering an authentic and bold exploration of Willamette Valley’s wine legacy.