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Stellar Winery

Western Cape,
South Africa

In the heart of South Africa’s sun-soaked Western Cape, Stellar Winery champions a wine-making journey like no other. This multi-awarded Fair Trade winery, nestled between undulating vineyards and the Atlantic Ocean, tells a story of innovation, sustainability, and the indomitable spirit of the African veld.

With an ethos rooted in responsible farming, Stellar’s wines are a testament to the harmony between man and nature. They champion a no-sulphur approach to their wine-making, ensuring each sip offers a purity and taste unique to the region’s terroir.

Whether it’s the crisp, refreshing notes of their Chenin Blanc or the full-bodied, elegant character of their Shiraz, each Stellar wine is an invitation to savor the bounty of the Western Cape. Every bottle seeks to captures the vividness of the African sunsets, the whisper of the ocean breeze, and its quintessential vibrant biodiversity.

However, Stellar Winery extends beyond exceptional wines. It echoes the uplifting stories of its vineyard workers, the rhythmic beat of South African culture, and a community’s shared respect for their spectacular surroundings.

For North Carolina partners seeking to offer their customers a taste of Africa’s unique beauty and spirit through their wine selections, the Stellar Winery range is available through the Freedom Beverage Company.