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St. Christopher

Rheinhessen & Mosel,

Originating from the picturesque winemaking regions of Rheinhessen and Mosel, St. Christopher represents the epitome of Germany’s proud wine heritage. This esteemed label brings to fore the rich viticulture and tradition ingrained deep within these iconic terroirs.

St. Christopher embraces the diverse mosaic of soils, climates, and vines within Rheinhessen and Mosel. Each wine, be it the elegant Rieslings or the hearty Spätburgunders, singularly encapsulate the essence of their origin, offering a virtual pilgrimage to the heart of Germany with every sip.

The wine-making philosophy at St. Christopher is deeply entrenched in a balance between respect for tradition and a zest for innovation. While the wines are crafted following time-honoured techniques, they also embrace the new advancements in viticulture to ensure the highest quality is reflected in every bottle.

St. Christopher’s wines are more than just beverages; they are a vivid narrative of Germany’s winemaking journey, the symphony of the Rheinhessen vineyards and the poetry of the Mosel slopes. Tasting them is akin to immersing in the rich history, culture, and life of these stunning wine regions.

For wholesale wine buyers in North Carolina who wish to offer their customers an authentic German wine experience, St. Christopher’s exceptional selection can be procured through the state’s official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.