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Sojourn Cellars


From the majestic vine-filled terrains of Sonoma Coast, California, comes Sojourn Cellars, a winery that elegantly narrates its Californian memoir through each bottle. Recognized for its exceptional artisan wines, Sojourn Cellars weaves the exquisite dynamics of the Pacific coastline into its creations.

With a discerning focus on Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, Sojourn Cellars encapsulates Sonoma’s diverse terroir into their wines. Each bottle is an expression of meticulous viticulture, thoughtful winemaking, and the unique fingerprint of its respective vineyard. Whether it’s the bold and intense Cabernet Sauvignon or the smooth layers of their Pinot Noir, there is a distinctive story of Californian terroir waiting to unfold.

But Sojourn Cellars is not just about singular varietal expressions. Innovation in blends, such as their Proprietary Cuvee, showcase the winery’s adeptness in harmonizing diverse grape characteristics to create wines that are complex, balanced and memorably delightful.

When you pop open a bottle of Sojourn Cellars, you experience more than just wine. You dive into the vibrant tapestry of California’s Wine Country, the rustle of vine leaves in the sea breeze, and the sun-dappled vineyards. It’s a celebration of dedication, terroir, and the splendid bounty of Sonoma Coast.

For North Carolina importers and restaurateurs looking to infuse their specialty wine list with premium Californian wines, the portfolio of Sojourn Cellars is distributed through Freedom Beverage Company.