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Ryan Patrick Wines


From the remarkable terroirs of Washington State emerges Ryan Patrick Wines, a boutique winery renowned for its authentic and meaningful approach to viticulture. The heartland of Columbia Valley, with its unique microclimate and rich soil, serves as the cradle for these award-winning wines.

Ryan Patrick Wines consistently accentuates commitment to nature, sustainable farming and dedication to high-quality wine-making. Depth of flavor is achieved in each bottle due to a respectful collaboration with nature, and Washington State’s diverse terroir. Whether it’s the layered complexity of the Redhead Red or the vibrant elegance of their Chardonnay, Ryan Patrick Wines showcases the expressive potential of Washington’s distinct grape varietals.

Yet, Ryan Patrick Wines isn’t confined to tradition; innovation breathes through their bold blends and progressive viticultural techniques. Balancing modern practices with respect for the grapes allows this winery to encapsulate the spirit of the Pacific Northwest in every bottle.

Much more than a wine producer, Ryan Patrick Wines captures the essence of the Washington terroir, the whisper of the Columbia Valley winds, and the passion that drives each vintage. It crafts wines that are a true celebration of the land and its bounty.

Through Freedom Beverage Company, Ryan Patrick Wines extends its reach to the discerning consumers and establishments of North Carolina, offering a unique sip of Columbia Valley’s finest.