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Rosé de Printemps

Côtes de Provence,

From the lavender-scented fields of Côtes de Provence, France, comes Rosé de Printemps, a wine that beautifully captures the vibrancy of spring in a bottle. This captivating rosé is a testament to the poetic allure of French viticulture, breathing life into the centuries-old tradition of Provencal winemaking.

Each bottle of Rosé de Printemps tells a story of a region touched by the gentle warmth of the Mediterannean sun, bathed by cool coastal breezes, and enveloped in the fragrant bloom of springtime. The result is an exquisite rosé that balances crisp acidity with a nuanced profile – a dance of red fruit, citrus, and delicate floral notes.

Although deeply rooted in tradition, Rosé de Printemps also embraces innovation. From careful vine cultivation to meticulous wine crafting, each step ensures the preservation of the grape’s natural freshness, creating a wine that marries complex flavors with delightful drinkability.

More than a rosé, Rosé de Printemps represents the romance of French riviera, the charm of a Provencal village, and the joy of lighthearted lunches amidst blooming fields. Its alluring rosé is an invitation to celebrate the arrival of spring, embodying the essence of Côtes de Provence in every sip.

For North Carolina wine lovers eager to embrace the spring season in a glass, Rosé de Printemps is available via their official distributor Freedom Beverage Company. A truly remarkable addition to any wine list.