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Roccheviberti, embroidered into the rich viticultural fabric of Piemonte, Italy, is a wine producer that crafts masterpieces imbued with a tremendous sense of place and tradition. The identity of Roccheviberti is interwoven with the lands of Castiglione Falletto, a commendable reference for the greatness of Piedmontese wines.

Roccheviberti places paramount importance on preserving the ecological integrity of their vineyards. Through sustainable vineyard management and traditional wine crafting techniques, they create wines that serve as pure expressions of their unique terroir. These practices yield wines where richness, depth, and complexity strike a harmonious chord;

From the deliciously complex and age-worthy Barolo, revealing layers of aromas, to the Langhe Nebbiolo that enchants with its elegance and finesse, Roccheviberti wines capture the essence of Piemonte. Regardless of the variety, each wine is made in a way that embodies Piedmontese tradition while championing the unique character of each vintage.

More than just wines, each Roccheviberti offering establishes a dialogue between the drinker and the region’s rich legacy. It transports you to Piemonte, allowing you to experience the vibrancy of Italy’s renowned wine region with every sip. It’s a tribute to a land and its people, an invitation to experience the Italian ‘la dolce vita’.

For North Carolina wine enthusiasts longing for authentic Piemonte wines, Roccheviberti’s elegant portfolio is available through their official distributor Freedom Beverage Company.