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Rinomata Cantina


Embodying the rich viticultural tradition of Sicily, Rinomata Cantina beckons taste explorers with an array of premium Italian wines. Born of Sicily’s sun-soaked hills and fertile soils, Rinomata Cantina transports the palate to Italy’s most historic wine region.

Rinomata Cantina’s commitment to authenticity is seen in the diligent selection of grape varieties, each a testament to Sicily’s vibrant biodiversity. Crafting wines such as the sensual Nero D’Avola and the aromatic Grillo, Rinomata Cantina beautifully captures the idyllic balance of Sicily’s climate and soils, whilst being grounded in the utmost respect for traditional wine crafting.

The wines from Rinomata Cantina are the product of meticulous care and an indefatigable pursuit of quality. Their marrying of time-honored methods with modern ingenuity results in wines that enchants the senses with their rich complexity, alluring aromas and eminent drinkability.

More than just a sip, every bottle of Rinomata Cantina is a journey imbued with Sicilian spirit, a vibrant snapshot of its striking landscapes, and a toast to its enduring wine-making heritage. Each drop tells a tale of centuries-old vineyards, the sun’s warm caress, and the passion that fuels every harvest.

Freedom Beverage Company takes immense pride in being the official distributor of Rinomata Cantina wines in North Carolina, bringing the sun-kissed vines of Sicily directly to the American shores. It’s a delightful exploration of Italian viticulture, waiting to be unveiled.