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Quinta do Vallado


From the vibrant valleys of the Douro region in Portugal, comes Quinta do Vallado, a winery steeped in history and enriched with a commitment to viticultural excellence. Founded in 1716, the winery beautifully blends tradition and innovation, encapsulating the soul of Douro in every bottle.

The wines of Quinta do Vallado bear the distinct imprint of the Douro terroir. Laden with character, intensity, and an innate minerality, the wines, from concentrated reds to aromatic whites, offer a rewarding exploration of the region’s diverse landscapes.

The vineyard’s attention to detail and commitment to quality guide everything they do. Their modern winemaking techniques, combined with time-honored traditions, allow them to craft wines with incredible depth, complexity and a clear sense of place.

Quinta do Vallado wines encapsulate the essence of the Douro Valley – the sun-kissed vineyards rising from the river banks, the aroma of wildflowers, the rhythm of the changing seasons and the dedicated hands of those who labor in the vineyards. Every glass tells a story of the region’s heritage, its people, and their shared passion for winemaking.

For buyers in North Carolina seeking to introduce a taste of Portugal’s Douro Valley to their patrons, Quinta do Vallado presents an intriguing selection of wines available through the Freedom Beverage Company.