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PrimoSole Organic Vineyards


Emerging from Italy’s sun-drenched region of Puglia is PrimoSole Organic Vineyards, a pioneer in sustainable viticulture and a beacon of organic winemaking. PrimoSole is a testament to the power of patient, eco-conscious cultivation and the authentic expression of terroir.

Adhering to organic winemaking practices, PrimoSole’s approach preserves the integrity of the environment and allows the unique terrain of Puglia to speak through their wines. Each bottle, whether it’s the vibrant Primitivo or the mineral-rich Fiano, encapsulates the spirit of the land, mirroring its flavors, fragrances, and inherent beauty.

Innovation and sustainability coexist harmoniously in PrimoSole’s vineyards. Advanced techniques are employed in the nurturing of grapes, reducing their environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability results in wines that are just as nature intended, pure, unadulterated, and brimming with vitality.

Indulging in a PrimoSole wine is akin to experiencing a Southern Italian summer. Each sip delivers the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, the whisper of coastal breezes, and the depth of the fertile soils. The sensory journey is paired with the knowledge that each bottle is a tribute to green viticultural practices and a celebration of Italian wine heritage.

For wine buyers in North Carolina who are dedicated to offering their customers a true taste of organically crafted Italian wines, PrimoSole Organic Vineyards’ range is made conveniently available via their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.