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From the prestigious vineyards of California’s Central Coast, Periodic emerges, a wine producer dedicated to capturing the vibrancy and diversity of this acclaimed region. Every bottle from Periodic spins a tale of Californian spirit, innovative winemaking, and the unique attributes of the Central Coast terroir.

Periodic’s philosophy revolves around the rhythm of nature, hence the name. From the consistent ebb and flow of the region’s cool coastal fog to the cycle of the vine in each season, the wines display a harmonious balance that’s reflective of the locale’s climate patterns. Be it the crisp white wines brimming with zesty effervescence or the full-bodied reds with layered complexity, Periodic’s offerings are as multifaceted as the region itself.

Carbon neutral and eco-friendly, Periodic wines exhibit a commitment not only to quality but also to sustainability. By adopting green winemaking practices, they successfully manifest their respect for land and environment, resulting in wines that are both delicious and conscientiously crafted.

Each sip of a Periodic wine offers a flavorful journey across the Central Coast. In every bottle, there’s a veritable symphony of aromas and flavors – from ripe fruits and tantalizing spices to nuanced earthy tones – inspired by the natural beauty and abundance of California.

For wine buyers in North Carolina seeking the quintessential Californian wine experience, Periodic’s line is proudly represented through Freedom Beverage Company, promising a delicious exploration of the Central Coast’s terroir.