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Pazo Señorans


From the lush lands of Spain’s Galician coast, where the Atlantic caresses the vineyards, emerges Pazo Señorans. This esteemed winery, rooted in the characterful Rías Baixas region, is a celebration of the unique terroir and the captivating Albariño grape.

With deep respect for the land and meticulous vineyard management, Pazo Señorans crafts wines that offer the purest expression of their origins. The signature Albariño is a testament to this devotion. It bursts with evocative fruit aromas and displays a harmonious balance of acidity and structure, intricately reflecting the character of Galicia.

Aside from their remarkable Albariños, Pazo Señorans offers exciting expressions of other indigenous grape varieties. They skillfully embrace traditional winemaking methods, while also adopting innovative techniques to ensure their offerings eloquently articulate the wine-making heritage of Rías Baixas.

Pazo Señorans is more than just wine; it’s a spiritual connection to the land. It encapsulates the joy of the summer festivals of Galicia, the tranquility of the Atlantic coast, and the lively folklore of the region. With each glass poured, there’s a story, a shared moment, and a toast to tradition.

For gourmand establishments in North Carolina poised to offer an authentic taste of Galician charm, Pazo Señorans is your answer. These unique wines are available to industy partners through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.