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Million Trees

Western Cape,
South Africa

Stretched across the sun-drenched terroirs of South Africa’s Western Cape, Million Trees Winery personifies a perfect synergy between nature, viticulture, and sustainability. Recognized for their commitment to environmental preservation, each bottle is not just a beautifully realized winemaking dream, but also a step towards a greener future.

In an area known for its diverse climates and rich soils, Million Trees crafts wines that celebrate the South African spirit. Their portfolio, encompassing a wide array of varietals, showcases the full spectrum of Western Cape’s viticultural potential. Whether you’re discovering the robust, fruity depth of their Cabernet Sauvignon or the vibrant, tropical freshness of their Sauvignon Blanc, each wine weaves an intricate tale of the Cape.

Above all, Million Trees stands for sustainability. Each bottle sold contributes to the ambitious mission of planting a million trees across South Africa. Thus, a sip of Million Trees isn’t just a wine tasting experience, but also a pledge for the environment.

Each creation from Million Trees is infused with the heart and soul of Western Cape – the gusts of the Cape Doctor wind, the sun’s generous caress on the vineyards, the distinctive maritime influence – all bound together by the winery’s steadfast commitment to sustainable practices.

For those in North Carolina who appreciate responsibly produced, high-quality wine, Million Trees’ offerings are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company. They’re more than just wines; they’re a toast to a sustainable future.