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Milbrandt Vineyards


From the vast, serene landscapes of Washington’s Columbia Valley emerges Milbrandt Vineyards, an embodiment of the region’s rich viticultural legacy. Established in 1997, Milbrandt Vineyards couples the inherent beauty of the land with the artistry of wine-making.

Milbrandt Vineyards rest their philosophy in expressing the true character of the region in their wines. With a diverse range of varietals grown in distinct vineyard sites, each bottle carries a piece of the Columbia Valley. From the voluptuous Merlot to the stylish Chardonnay, these wines are a testament to the expressive power of the terroir.

In addition to their staple wines, Milbrandt Vineyards explore the intricacies of varying vintages and blends. Through skilled handcrafting and judicious use of oak, they bestow each creation with not just flavor, but identity.

Behind every Milbrandt Vineyards bottle lies the spirit of Washington’s wine country – the sun that warms the vineyards, the cool night breeze from the Columbia River, and the rhythm of the seasons. Each vintage is a celebration of Columbia Valley, its promise, and its people.

For industry partners in North Carolina, the eloquent wines of Milbrandt Vineyards are available through Freedom Beverage Company, offering a taste of Washington’s distinctive viticultural charm.