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Mas Doix


Evoking the spirit of the historic Priorat region, Mas Doix is a wine producer that captures the essence of Catalunya, Spain, within every bottle. Rooted in familial heritage and nurtured by the rugged terrains of Priorat, Mas Doix narrates a mesmerizing tale of passion, skill, and age-old traditions.

The allure of Mas Doix wines lies in the stories they tell of the region’s exceptional terroir. A diverse blend of soil types, a significant altitude range, and ancient Grenache and Carignan vines lend each bottle a unique character. From the intensity of their cherished single vineyard Salanques, to the elegance of the Doix, the wines speak for the rich viticultural mosaic of Priorat.

Integral to the Mas Doix philosophy is the harmonious blend of time-tested traditional processes and modern winemaking techniques. Adopting biological viticulture and minimal-intervention during the winemaking process, the aim is to let the vineyards fully express themselves.

Through the wines of Mas Doix, one can taste the toil of the vine-growers, the warmth of the Spanish sun, the minerality of priorat soil, and the rich prominence of the old vine fruits. A glass from Mas Doix is an enrapturing journey to Catalunya, a sensory exploration of its picturesque landscapes, and an embodiment of its vibrant viticultural dynamism.

Wholesale wine buyers seeking the exquisite depth of Priorat wines in North Carolina can find a soulful connection with Mas Doix. Their compelling portfolio is available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.