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Mas Alta


Emerging from the rocky landscapes of Priorat in Catalunya, Spain, Mas Alta winery is a beguiling blend of tradition and modernity, producing wines that embody the essence of this dynamic terroir.

At the heart of Mas Alta’s philosophy is a deep reverence for their land. Nurturing old vines in the stunningly steep llicorella slate terraces, each wine they produce is a unique reflection of Priorat’s distinct microclimate and storied regional identity.

From the harmonious balance of the La Basseta, brimming with complex layers of black fruits and minerality, to the enchanting blend of Grenache and Carignan in La Creu Alta, each bottle tells a story of the land and the skilled artisans that tend it.

Today, Mas Alta gorgeously straddles old-world tradition and new-world expertise. They employ low-yield techniques along with careful aging to create a line of wines that are soulful and nuanced, epitomizing the transformative power of Priorat’s terrain.

Each sip of Mas Alta wine is an enchanting dialogue between the vine and the vintner, the weathered slate and the careful harvest. It’s not just wine, it’s a taste of Catalunya, its tradition, and its terroir.

For North Carolina industry partners seeking to offer a taste of Spain’s illustrious Priorat region, Mas Alta’s wines, available through the esteemed Freedom Beverage Company, are a stellar choice.