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Marchese Luca Spinola


From the lush, rolling hills of Piedmont, Italy, emerges Marchese Luca Spinola, a wine producer nestled in the heart of the esteemed Gavi denomination. Established over five centuries ago, this historic winery is an emblem of Italian viticulture, fusing tradition with innovation, generations of expertise with a drive for excellence.

Marchese Luca Spinola’s wines are a reflection of their unique terroir, with vineyards located on the slopes of Monte Rovereto in Gavi. The wines, particularly the renowned Gavi, exude a distinctive freshness and minerality, a direct result of the estate’s sea deposit-rich soils and distinctive microclimate.

Marrying traditional wine-making methods with modern oenological advances, each wine from the Marchese Luca Spinola estate is a symphony of flavors, a melodic dance of fruitiness, acidity, and elegance. From the pioneering Cortese-based whites to their exceptional rosé, every aspect of their production process aims to bring the expressive qualities of the grapes to the fore.

Steeped in history and viticulture inheritance, Marchese Luca Spinola’s wines capture the spirit and culture of the Piedmont region – a colourful panorama of sprawling vineyards, the charm of Italian heritage, and the rhythm of la dolce vita.

In North Carolina, wine lovers and connoisseurs can experience the authentic taste of Piedmont through Marchese Luca Spinola’s distinguished line of wines, all available via their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.