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Louis de Grenelle

Loire Valley,

Seated in the heart of the Loire Valley, France, resides Louis de Grenelle, a revered name in winemaking craft. Drawing from an illustrious heritage, this house of wines is renowned for producing stunning sparkling wines that echo the essence of their rich terroir.

Established in 1859, Louis de Grenelle remains steadfast in its commitment to traditional vinification techniques. Utilizing a diverse range of grapes, from Chenin Blanc to Cabernet Franc, the winery artfully crafts wines that offer complex aromas, layered flavors, and a distinctive Loire Valley personality.

The Louis de Grenelle expertise shines brightly in their Crémant de Loire – a sparkling symphony of freshness, balance, and elegance. Draped in a robe of fine bubbles, each sip of this sparkling wine is an ode to the winery’s mastery.

Yet, Louis de Grenelle doesn’t just make wine. Its creations are windows into the Loire Valley – its history, culture, and, most importantly, its revered vineyards. Every bottle tells a tale of age-old winemaking traditions woven with the fabric of terroir.

For wine buyers and aficionados in North Carolina, a taste of the exceptional sparkling wines from Louis de Grenelle brings an authentic taste of France’s Loire Valley. Distributed by Freedom Beverage Company, these remarkable wines are a testament to craftsmanship and authenticity.