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Le Ragose


From the misty hills of Valpolicella, in the Veneto region of Italy, arises Le Ragose, a winery esteemed for its deep roots in tradition and a vibrant pursuit of excellence. Le Ragose, which means “The Furrows”, is a testament to the intricate labor of love that winemaking truly is.

Founded in 1969, Le Ragose holds strong roots in the terroir of the region, with vineyards sited more than 300 meters above sea level. Each wine reflects the character of its landscape, beginning with the meticulously groomed slopes down to the deep complexity of the basaltic volcanic soil. Whether it’s the aromatic splendor of their Amarone or the subtle elegance of their Recioto, there’s no denying the distinct Veneto accents in each glass.

Le Ragose practices sustainable viticulture, preserving the natural integrity of the land. Combining time-honored practices with the precision of modern techniques, the wines carry a mark of authenticity, a genuine expression of varietal character and regional identity.

Le Ragose’s wines tell stories of the Italian countryside, the gentle whisper of Veneto’s breezes, the rhythm of seasons shaping the vines, and the patient pursuit of viticultural excellence. Every sip is a journey, a voyage to the heart of Italy.

For wine buyers in North Carolina who value authenticity and integrity, Le Ragose offers a unique palette of Italian wines, available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.