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Le Paradou Wine


From the serene landscapes of Provence, France emerges Le Paradou, a wine label devoted to capturing the unique spirit of southern French viticulture. A testament to Paret family’s dedication and passion for winemaking, Le Paradou epitomizes the essence of Provence.

Le Paradou places an immense value on the authentic expression of terroir and the rich diversity of Provence’s vineyards. Each wine, be it the crisp and flavorful Viognier or the vibrant and complex Grenache, showcases the unique attributes of its birthplace. This sincere reflection of the land lends an unparallel uniqueness to each Le Paradou offering.

At Le Paradou, tradition meets innovation, resulting in wines that resonate with the exuberance of Provence while aligning with the sensibilities of modern wine-drinkers. Minimized interventions and sustainable practices ensure the purity of the fruit shines through every bottle.

But Le Paradou is not just about wine. It’s a voyage to the quaint villages of Provence, the sun-drenched landscapes, the intoxicating lavender fields, and the rhythm of southern French life. It’s a sip of a region steeped in history, culture, beauty, and above all, a deep love for viticulture.

For industry partners in North Carolina searching for an authentic representation of Provence, Le Paradou’s wines, available through Freedom Beverage Company, offer a journey through this iconic French wine region in every drop.