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Laurel Glen Vineyard


From the verdant hillsides of Sonoma, California comes Laurel Glen Vineyard, an enchanting name in the world of artisanal winemaking. Nestled on a sun-dappled mountain top, Laurel Glen Vineyard embodies the fervor, potential, and personality of Sonoma County at its best.

Key to Laurel Glen Vineyard’s signature offerings is respect for the land that nurtures their grapes. Employing sustainable and organic farming practices, the winery crafts wines that echo the richness of the diverse terroir. From the robust flavor profiles of their Counterpoint Cabernet Sauvignon to the nuanced sophistication of their Estate Cabernet, each bottle carries a distinct Sonoma stamp.

But Laurel Glen Vineyard doesn’t shy away from innovation. Combining time-honored techniques with modern winemaking science, the winery continuously refines its portfolio, creating wines that resonate with today’s discerning palates.

Beyond the bottles, Laurel Glen Vineyard weaves a tale of true Californian spirit – the union of innovation and tradition, the dance of the Pacific mist with the warm Cali sun, and the energy humming amidst its historic vines. It’s a testament to the perseverance, passion, and resilience that lies at the heart of Sonoma.

For those in North Carolina seeking the elegance, complexity, and spirit of Sonoma in a glass, Laurel Glen Vineyard’s exquisite wines are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.