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La Perdrix


In the idyllic landscapes of the south of France, the La Perdrix vineyard unfolds, it’s name translating to ‘The Partridge’ in honor of the bird frequently seen around their land. This family-run winery champions a harmony between cutting-edge wine-making techniques and time-honoured practices, resulting in a range that captures the charm and allure of French viticulture.

The beating heart of La Perdrix lies within its fervent dedication to sustainable practices and utmost respect for the land. They cultivate Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan among others, which lends a unique character to each bottle, from the refreshingly vibrant white Grenache Gris to the refined complexity of the Syrah Carignan blend.

La Perdrix crafts wines that reflect the essence of their terroir, showcasing sun-kissed vines, enriched soils, and the distinctive microclimates of their vineyards. Embracing traditional winemaking methods and modern oenological advancements, La Perdrix offers an array of wines that speak true to the beauty of French viticulture.

Every sip of La Perdrix wine is a reminder of the region’s rich wine producing heritage, the passion and dedication that infuses every aspect of their craft, and an undying respect for a landscape that gives generously to their vines.

In North Carolina, the delightful array of wines from La Perdrix are introduced to industry professionals and wine enthusiasts via Freedom Beverage Company, an exciting way to explore and indulge in the outstanding pedigree of French winemaking.