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Keo Winery


From the historic island of Cyprus, cradle of Mediterranean viticulture, emerges Keo Winery – a beacon of winemaking excellence dating back to 1927. Keo Winery’s legacy is the encapsulation of generations of viniculture knowledge, merging Greek passion and Cypriot terroir into an intoxicating symphony of flavors.

Firmly rooted in respect for tradition and the richness of local grape varieties, each wine from Keo is a faithful reflection of the Cyprus sun-soaked vineyards. From the crisp and refined Xynisteri whites to the deep, berry-infused Maratheftiko reds, every glass encapsulates the vibrant zest of the Mediterranean.

However, Keo Winery is not stuck in the past. Embracing future-oriented winemaking techniques, it produces vintages that honor tradition while appealing effortlessly to contemporary palates. Keo’s offerings range from exquisite still wines to subtly complex dessert wines and the world-renowned Commandaria, a sweet wine with an illustrious history.

The Keo Winery experience is more than just excellent wine – it’s an exploration of Cyprus’ rich history and culture. Each bottle mirrors the island’s unique landscapes, its warm hospitality, and characters as diverse as its grape varietals.

For North Carolina establishments hoping to share a taste of Mediterranean magic, Keo Winery’s range of remarkable wines are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.