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From the rolling, pastoral landscapes of Oregon’s Willamette Valley blossoms Jovino, a wine producer renowned for authentically capturing the region’s distinct terroir. Born in the USA, but deeply rooted in its Old World inspiration, Jovino represents a harmonious marriage of tradition and craftsmanship.

Jovino’s portfolio is a testament to the fertile soils and ideal climates of Oregon’s wine country. Each bottle celebrates the nuanced character of a grape variety perfectly suited to its locale. From the lively acidity and tropical notes of their Pinot Gris to the earthiness, depth, and complexity of their Pinot Noir, Jovino presents a canvas painted with the distinct palette of Willamette Valley.

At Jovino, wine-making is a labor of love, marked by uncompromising standards and meticulous attention to detail. Using sustainable vineyard practices and time-honored wine-making techniques, Jovino ensures each bottle delivers an unadulterated taste of its origin.

The wines of Jovino are more than beverages; they offer a sensory journey through the enchanting terrains of Willamette Valley. Each glass pulsates with the vibrancy of Oregon’s verdant vistas, the rhythm of its changing seasons, and the legacy of its viticultural heritage.

On offer to discerning wine enthusiasts in North Carolina, this taste of Oregon can be discovered through the distribution network provided by Freedom Beverage Company.