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Gunsight Rock


Gunsight Rock, hailing from the sun-soaked landscapes of Paso Robles, California, is a winery that perfectly encapsulates the splendor and diversity of its prolific region. This distinguished estate stands tall, steeped in viticultural passion, expressed through their superbly crafted wines.

A key element in Gunsight Rock’s charm is the commitment to honoring the land and environment, which distinctly influences the character and complexity of their wines. The terroir of Paso Robles, with its warm days and cool evenings, manifests in expressive layers of flavor and structure in their wines, ranging from the robust, fruit-packed Cabernet Sauvignon to their vibrant and complex Chardonnay.

Tradition and innovation work in harmony at Gunsight Rock. While respect for time-tested viticulture techniques anchor their approach, an openness to modern winemaking ideas and practices ensures their wines remain elements of intrigue in an ever-evolving wine landscape.

Gunsight Rock wines tell the story of their sun-drenched vineyards, the rhythmic dance of Pacific breezes, and a deep-rooted dedication to crafting wines that are a true reflection of their vibrant land. Each sip is an exploration of Paso Robles’ richness and diversity.

For those in North Carolina craving a taste of California’s viticultural opulence, Gunsight Rock wines, available through Freedom Beverage Company, promise to be compelling additions to any discerning wine portfolio.