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New Zealand

From the breath-taking vine-clad valleys of Marlborough, New Zealand, introduces Greywacke, a wine producer known for harmonising nature’s bounty with extraordinary wine-making craftsmanship. Initiated by Kevin Judd, one of the pioneers of the Marlborough wine region, Greywacke is synonymous with premium wine, passion for precision, and love for the land.

Sourcing fruit from mature vineyards within Marlborough’s central Wairau Plains and the Southern Valleys, Greywacke crafts wines that perfectly encapsulate the terroir and climate characteristic of the region. Whether it is the aromatic intensity of their Sauvignon Blanc or the structured elegance of their Pinot Noir, each varietal is a testament to Greywacke’s commitment to quality and exceptional taste.

Striking a fine balance between tradition and innovation, the Greywacke portfolio is a testament to Kevin’s years of experience and creative innovation. With each bottle, sippers are treated to an experience that blends tradition, individuality, and the personality of the land.

Drinking Greywacke is like experiencing New Zealand in a glass. Each sip is a testament to the region’s diverse microclimates, resounding with the pure, crisp, and vibrant character of its terroirs and the relentless pursuit of excellence that embodies Marlborough’s spirit.

For wine buyers in North Carolina seeking to elevate their offerings, Greywacke’s portfolio of expressive, terroir-driven wines is available through Freedom Beverage Company, one of the state’s premier wine distributors.