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Anchored in the refreshingly vibrant landscapes of the Penedès region in Catalunya, Spain, stands Gramona, a beacon of sparkling wine mastery. Generations of winemaking expertise flavor not only the wines but the rich history of this family-run winery, dating back to 1850.

Gramona shines brightest in their commitment to biodynamic farming. This eco-responsible approach prioritizes harmony with nature, leading to a range of sparkling wines that truly mirror their terroir. Whether it’s the vivacious bubbles of their Cava or the elegantly aged nuances in their vintage selections, Gramona crafts each bottle with utmost respect for the land.

The winery also spearheads innovation, deftly combining time-honored traditions with advanced cellar techniques. The result is a tantalizing blend of the new and the old, the foothold of tradition embraced by the thrill of modernity.

Every sip of Gramona’s wines uncorks a unique experience, a blend of the Catalonian sun painting golden streaks in the sky, the salt-laden Mediterranean breeze, and the passion of the people who breathe life into each vineyard. At the heart of every bottle rests the true essence of Penedès, beautiful, spirited, and utterly captivating.

In North Carolina, Gramona’s exceptional array of sparkling wines can be sourced through a partnership with Freedom Beverage Company, providing a network of establishments an undiluted taste of Spanish sparkle and sustainability.