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Gavalas Fragospito Winery


From the ancient soils of Crete, Greece, springs forth Fragospito Winery, an epitome of Cretan wine-making history and innovation. This family-owned winery is a reflection of Crete’s deep-rooted wine culture, blending centuries of tradition with modernity.

Fragospito’s uniqueness lies in their dedication to indigenous grape varieties, paying homage to Greece’s robust viticultural heritage. Each wine, be it the sun-kissed Vidiano or the complex Kotsifali, represents the distinct terroir of Crete in its purest form.

There’s more than just tradition at Fragospito. By adopting modern vineyard practices and innovative vinification techniques, the winery succeeds in crafting wines that uphold the authenticity of Cretan viticulture while exhibiting contemporary finesse. Each vintage tells a story, a narrative of tradition, innovation, and the abundant beauty of Crete.

Fragospito’s offerings are more than mere wines. They are an embodiment of Cretan lifestyle, a celebration of the sunlit coasts, the rustic countryside, and the island’s rich past. Each pour is an ode to life in Crete, extending an invitation to join in its celebration.

For North Carolina wine professionals interested in offering an authentic Cretan wine experience, Fragospito Winery’s carefully crafted wines are made available through the Freedom Beverage Company.