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Spain & Frane,
Spain &France

From the heart of two of the world’s most renowned wine regions, Spain and France, emerges Fleuraison, a wine producer that brings the spirit and traditions of these two lands to every bottle. With their roots in the fertile soils and distinct microclimates of these regions, Fleuraison offers a wine experience that bridges culture, geography, and history.

Fleuraison translates to ‘flowering’, a name that wonderfully captures their ethos – that well-made wine, like a flower, is a natural expression of the land. Whether it’s the vibrancy of their Spanish rosés or the refined elegance of their French whites, each wine is a homage to its region, infused with the flavours, aromas, and nuances of its terroir.

Traditional wine-making techniques blend seamlessly with contemporary methods at Fleuraison. This harmonious fusion ensures wines that faithfully represent their terroir while exuding freshness and modernity. Crafted with a blend of innovation and respect for tradition, the wines of Fleuraison express the wine-making excellence of Spain and France.

More than just a beverage, Fleuraison wines invite you to embark on a journey, from the sun-drenched Iberian vineyards to the misty vine-draped landscapes of French wine country. It’s a transcendental experience that speaks to the soul of the wine lover, promising discovery and delight with each sip.

For wine buyers in North Carolina hungry for an authentic taste of Spain and France, Fleuraison’s diverse selection is now available through Freedom Beverage Company.