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Familia Nin-Ortiz


Perched in the majestic terrains of Priorat, Spain, rings the name Familia Nin-Ortiz, a wine producer revered for deftly intertwining tradition and innovation in each bottle. This family-owned operation from Catalunya creates wines that reflect viticultural expertise honed over generations.

Familia Nin-Ortiz’s commitment to the philosophy of the ‘terroir’ is evidenced in their decision to cultivate vines on the region’s unique llicorella soils. These nutrient-rich, slate-based soils, infused with an array of minerals, impart a distinctive minerality and complexity to their wines. The resulting vintages, such as their renowned Nit de Nin, brim with the unique character of Priorat, delivering unparalleled depth and nuance.

The vineyards of Nin-Ortiz are nurtured organically and biodynamically, preserving the authenticity of the terroir and ensuring a respect for the earth that is evident in every sip. Modern wine-making techniques are thoughtfully implemented, allowing for wines that balance the raw intensity of the land with the refined precision of skilled craftsmanship.

Every bottle of Familia Nin-Ortiz wine tells a story, a story of the rugged Spanish hills, age-old vineyards, and a tireless devotion to capturing the heart and soul of Priorat. It’s an intoxicating journey that marries the effervescent essence of Catalunya’s culture with its rich viticultural heritage.

Grounded in tradition yet propelled by innovative winemaking, the wines of Familia Nin-Ortiz articulate the captivating allure of Priorat, Spain. North Carolina establishments keen on delivering an authentic Spanish wine experience can find these acclaimed wines through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.