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From the vibrant, sun-drenched landscapes of Aragon, Spain, emerges Evodia, a wine label that encapsulates the soul and vivacity of Spanish viticulture. An experience of Evodia is not just a wine tasting—it’s an exploration of Spain’s spirited heart through the rhythm of its vineyards.

Each pour of Evodia narrates a tale of old vines, diligent cultivation, and the perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary wine-making practices. The wines, particularly the highly-acclaimed Garnacha, reveal the profound depths of Spanish terroir with its ripe, fruit-forward profile and multidimensional characters.

Evodia’s wines are a harmonious representation of the diverse terroir of Aragon—with the rugged strength of the high-altitude vineyards, the richness of the clay-limestone soil, and the warm embrace of the Spanish sun, every sip is a passport to this exciting, lively region.

Beyond just a sensory delight, Evodia wines capture the Spanish zest for life—the convivial gatherings, the vibrant flavor spectrum, the pulsating flamenco beats, and most significantly, Spain’s enduring admiration for viniculture. Every bottle is a cheers to Spain’s exuberant and captivating spirit.

For North Carolina industry buyers seeking to introduce a dynamic Spanish flair onto their lists, Evodia extends the passion and beauty of Aragon through their captivating wines, readily available through Freedom Beverage Company.