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Eric Kent Wine Cellars


Nestled in the verdant expanse of Sonoma County, California, stands Eric Kent Wine Cellars, an emblematic representation of American viticulture at its finest. A beacon of passion and pursuit of excellence, Eric Kent stands out in the illustrious company of the finest Californian wineries.

At the heart of Eric Kent’s wine philosophy is a deep-rooted respect for the land. By sourcing the finest grapes from a variety of esteemed vineyards across Sonoma County, Eric Kent Wine Cellars ensures each bottle holds a distinctive character. Be it the complex layers of a Russian River Valley Pinot Noir or an aromatic, textural Sauvignon Blanc, each wine is a harmonious symphony of flavors and aromas.

Eric Kent is more than just a winery; it’s a celebration of art, expressed through the medium of wine. Each release features a unique piece of artwork on the label, making it not just an exploration of culinary delight but also a journey through a cultural tapestry.

The wines resonate deeply with the spirit of Sonoma County – its vibrant energy, the transitions of the seasons, and the profound sense of community among the vineyards. It’s not just a wine, but a sharing of experience, tradition, and love for craftmanship.

In North Carolina, Eric Kent’s exceptional California wines are available to industry buyers through the Freedom Beverage Company, providing an exceptional journey through the heart of Sonoma County and its unique expressions in each sip.